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  • What is Book of Orbs?

    Book of Orbs is a mobile app which lets you collect and trade ORBs (Ownership Revolution on the Blockchain), a completely new class of digital assets made possible by blockchain technology.

    Collect unforgeable and rare digital blockchain assets in Book of Orbs and complete your original collection.

    Characteristics of ORBs
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Characteristics of ORBs

  • 1.True Ownership

    ORBs are records on the blockchain and you can be in full control of them. Blockchain technology brings true digital ownership to users.

  • 2.Digital Rarity

    Status of all ORBs can be verified on the blockchain in a transparent manner. They are unforgeable and rare digital assets.

  • 3.Decentralized Trading

    In addition to sending and receiving, you can trade ORBs easily and securely in a decentralized manner on the blockchain.

  • 4.Interoperability

    ORBs live on the open and permissionless blockchain and can interoperate in different applications.

Book of Orbs screenshots

  • 1.Find your favorite titles and collect all your ORBs in Book of Orbs.

  • 2.Trade rare ORBs with other users on the blockchain with ease and security.

  • 3.With new cards and titles, even more interesting collaborations will be possible.

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  • About Project ORB

    Project ORB is a joint project between EverdreamSoft and IndieSquare. We strive to bring true digital ownership to all users utilizing blockchain technology. (learn more)

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    Follow the latest news and updates around Project ORB on our official blog. New titles and more exciting news are announced frequently. (learn more)

  • Frequently asked questions

    Have any questions? Get them answered on our FAQ page about Book of Orbs and Project OBR in general. (learn more)

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